NON woven Hand Glove Making machine

Main Technical Parameter:

Working power supply                           :380 v - 220
The output power                                 : 3000 w
Production speed                                 : 30-70 pieces per minute output frequency
The machine weighs                              : 500 kg
The machine Length                             : 300 cm
The machine Width                               : 80cm
The machine Heigh                                : 110cm

The machine features:

1) The ultrasonic principle implementation without wireless suture needle;
2) A molding production of various specifications, various shapes of gloves;
3) The machine is used the most advanced frequency conversion equipment. Simple operation, high production efficiency.

Suitable material:

All kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, non-woven fabrics, spray adhesive cotton, thermoplastic thin film, chemical, plastic, etc.
Applicable materials: all kinds of non-woven fabric, chemical fabric products

Product features:

this machine is specialized in the production of disposable gloves, insoles, cleaning cloth, shoe cloth, cup mat. Using the principle of ultrasonic hot melt, after mold pressure, cutting cooperate to make the product forming at a time.