NON woven Strip cap Making machine


The” Automatic Non-woven Strip Cap Making Machine" it’s Company new developed .It is dedicated machine for producing the elastic-type non-woven hood style .The products could be used in hospitals or clean industries. The machine is stainless steel structure and is independent electrical control box. Further, from feeding to shape, count, collect can complete with automatic control. The machine could be operate easily only by one person, and the speed could be reach 160 per minute.

Machine Features

1) High stability, high performance, low failure rate
2) Stainless steel structure, independent electrical control box, machine compacted, off a small plot
3) All parts chrome plated surface, covering parts by stainless steel ,beautiful and clean
4) Adjustable ultrasonic welding
5) changing a machine, replacing the cap strip mold can produce a variety of specifications
6) electronic counting
7) Fracture / broken ribs, shutting down to protect itself automatically

Technical Parameter:

Adapt material                           :Non-woven (9-10g/m2)
                                                  :Elastic model (30# -40 #)
Specifications of the bar cap       : 18'-24 'single bar / double bars
Making Speed                           : 0-160p/m (According to the thickness of the material, the best control by                                                     90-120p / m)
Power                                         : 3Kw
voltage                                       : 220V±5%
Machine Weight                         : About 450KG
Overall Dimensions                     : 3800(L)×800(W)×1100(H)mm