NON woven shoe cover Making machine

NON woven Strip cap Making machine

NON woven Face Mask Making machine

NON woven Hand Glove Making machine

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      Our products are well designed to suit Indian standards and hence we are ensuring satisfaction and success to our customers. Our wealth of experience in this field will help us to serve you better.

      We are engaged in supplying Fully automatic Paper cup machineries, High speed paper cup making machine, Ice-cream cup machines, automatic paper glass forming machines, Automatic paper bucket Machines, , Fully Automatic Non woven plane Bag Machineries ,Fully automatic Non woven box bag and creasing machines, Fully automatic non woven face mask making machines, Fully automatic non woven hand glove making machines, Fully automatic non woven shoe cover making machine, Fully automatic non woven doctor cap making machine, Fully automatic strip cap making machine, printing machies, punching machines, biomass briquittee machines, sewing machines are supplied to our Indian market.have the features of extra-strength in components and heavy-duty, solid-state controls for very simple operation, quick adjustments and easy maintenance.